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a successful learner…… loves learning…… seeks challenges…… values effort…… persists in the face of obstacles

All content copyright Willem Winch or otherwise credited.

4x4 articles...

about 4WDs, technologies, recovery technics,

physics, camping equipment and other stuff.

Slowly also this section fills up - more

articles / topics will come soon; it

really takes time to bring all the

ideas into shape so I can

publish them here.

…so many ideas, but not

much time…

When I started this

section, I challenged

myself not to copy

content already

covered - appropriate

covered - in 4WD mags

or somewhere else in

books or online.

A tough challenge, but

I believe I’m doing quite

well so far… and I’m not

running out of ideas

soon … if I only would

have more time…

Also I gain my experience from

driving the Terracan off road, the

articles are definitely not specifically for

Terracan owners. Conversely, it is about adopted

methodologies, physics and gear everyone could use for

his/her own benefit, no matter what 4WD he/she drives.

The beauty is, that 4W-driving is also an area that allows

to recapitulate all the mechanics and physics we should

p. issued: July, 2012   -   last update: 02-01-2013


    Willem’s 4x4 articles
exhaust modification for 4WDs - does it make sense? ScanGaugeII vs. UltraGaugeEM budget scantool MaxiDiag Elite MD701 Holden's "recovery" video clip on You Tube... Tires Part 1: the disadvantage of LT tires ...yet to come... ...yet to come... ...yet to come... fuel, additives and modern diesel engines...   coming soon 
Tires Part 2: a backup for your air compressor   new 
Tires Part 3: about tire pressure and tire perimeter   new

have learned in school, but never understood at this time due to the lack of examples of use. Not that I say it is a good idea to allow kids to get a driver licence and a 4WD/car too early! …sorry kids…

However, every recovery scenario is a fantastic opportunity to learn something about leverage, the

mechanical advantage, pressure … and suddenly all this physic mumbo jumbo starts to make perfect sense…

So the next time you get bogged don’t get upset - mother nature is teaching you a free lesson … just be aware and respect her …

4x4 Chautauqua
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